Why choose a church wedding?
  • Do you want God’s blessing on your life together?
  • Do you want to promise to commit yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives in surroundings that speak of permanence and hope?
We do it better!!!
  • When you say ‘I will’, do you expect these to be the most important words you will ever say?
  • Do you want lots of support in the year before your wedding to prepare for this new stage in your life?
We believe in marriage!
  • Worried about the cost? It is perfectly possibly to have a complete marriage service with organ and bells and a reception in our church hall next door (which scrubs up really well for a wedding) and still have change from £2,000. It can be a lot cheaper even than this if you cut out the optional extras.
  • We want you to get married. Speak to us and we can help take the stress out of the preparations!
How to book a wedding

Contact the Parish Administrator: admin@stmarysbaldock.org.uk. We can hold a provisional date for you and make an appointment to talk through the process so you can decide if it is right for you.