Why choose a church funeral?
  • Do you want to give thanks for the life of someone you love?
  • Do you want some strength to trust that they are safe in the arms of God?
  • Do you need some caring support to walk with you through the troubled waters of bereavement?

We offer a Book of Remembrance in church where you can have the name of your loved one entered. A permanent reminder of your love for them and their importance in the eyes of God.

We deal in Christian certainties. We proclaim a God who sent his Son to share all human life with us from birth to death, from joy and celebration to grieving at the tomb of Lazarus his friend.

We proclaim a God who understands loss and who has done something about it.

We proclaim a God who overcame the barrier of death by raising his Son from death on Easter Day and promised the Kingdom of Heaven for all creation.

We make a point of offering additional support in the months after a funeral when most of the rest of the world is getting on with their daily lives. We understand that life will not be like that for you.

Organising a Funeral

Contact Katrina Nice (Licenced Lay Minister)
07708 064294