Messy Church News

Materials for Sunday 19th April for families

This Sunday we are thinking about the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples and then to Thomas.  It is a good story for this time as the disciples were in lock-down and Jesus came and said, Peace be still.  I'm sure we all need to hear God speaking peace to us at...

Messy Church on Easter Sunday – Easter Egg hunt

If you are coming to Messy Church on Sunday, please cut out and colour these eggs as you will need them of the talk.  You might like to have an Easter egg hunt with them first  We are going to use them to tell the Easter story so make sur eyou colour them the right...

Messy Church by zoom on Palm Sunday

If was so lovely to meet together virtually yesterday.  Thank you to those who joined us. We will definitely do it again, if we are still in lock-down in May, otherwise we will be celebrating with an enormous feast together in church if we are not!  

Palm Sunday resources to use at home

This Sunday is Palm Sunday. We are having a zoom Sunday morning service at 9:30 and also hope to have a short Messy worship service at some point (watch for details). Attached are some resources that you might like to use at home to prepare for the service, and some...

Preparing for Palm Sunday 2

For the older ones among you, you might like to try making your own palm cross by following these instructions. Remember to take some photos and send them to the church email ( so that we can put some on the website.

Preparing for Palm Sunday

This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday when remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem and the people shouting hosanna as they waved their palm leaves.  In preparation for the service, you might like to colour in the attached picture. You could also put these up in your window.

Handwashing Prayer

We are all washing our hands a lot at the moment so I thought you might like this handwashing prayer! The Lords Prayer also takes the right amount of time to say when washing your hands and makes a change from Happy Birthday!